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02 June 2008




This serves to confirm that A & B Movers has been a preferred supplier to Nedbank since  August 2006. During this time, Nedbank has always found

 A & B Movers to be a professional organisation. Our business relocation policy has been successfully implemented as a result of preferential rates negotiated with A & B Movers. This has yielded substantial cost saving for Nedbank.

I would recommend A & B Movers as a highly professional organisation that provides an exceptional service to their customers.


Yours Faithfully



A&B Movers INDUSTRY Other
National- Jhb branch
Tue 30 Oct 07
South Africa
Danny and Thabang etc

14:34:59 Wed 2 Jan 08



Just dawned on me that I never gave props to A&B Movers for a brilliant move in Nov 07!

I found these guys on, and Danny came to give us a quote on packing our entire house (and lives!) into boxes and moving us from Jhb to Durban.

Not only did their quote beat all the other moving companies (the "big ones"), but they also portrayed a real and sincere appreciation of, and interest in our move.

Danny assisted in customizing the quote to meet our requirements and was not forceful in trying to sell us services we did not require.

Thabang and the rest of the moving team were (a) on time, (b) super efficient, and (c) very careful with our belongings. The truck was loaded on the date we agreed upon, and pitched up at our new residence the following morning just after 9AM.

Even in unloading and unpacking our goods, they were diligent and mindful as ever.

I have heard of horror stories of moving companies not pitching on time and household goods being lost or broken - we never experienced any issues, and also saved about R 10K on the same services their competitors were offering.

If you ever move house - A&B should be doing it for you :)


Dear Marie;

Your slogan and your missions statement “with peace of mind” and I would like to say without fear
of contradiction that, you gave both Hazel and I total peace of mind on our recent move to Mossel Bay. We have been transferred a number of time in my 34 years with Pick n Pay but never have I felt so comfortable, so stress free, knowing that I could put my trust in a company that I have never heard before.

On my previous transfers I have always dealt with the major furniture removal companies and to my dissatisfaction, have been disappointment time and time again. With many disappointments, unhappiness and damages to many of my precious possessions, poor service, bad manners, rude workers, have just seemed to be the normal manner we must just accept.

A&B Movers,  were the exception from the ruler; from the moment they arrived for the initial quote; they were very professional, the same day they gave the quote and when asked, agreed to negotiate and offered us a competitive price compared to the other companies who had also quoted us.

An agreement was reached and then we saw the difference, on-going communications, follow up and follow up to the pre packing of our valuables to the respect they gave to every piece of furniture and appliances they handled; Hazel was so impressed she cannot stop taking about how wonderful the service was, how courteous the staff, I was at my new home when they arrived and once again they were neat and tidy, very professional in the way they unpacked our valuables and our personal possessions, WOW! Why can all other companies take a leaf out of A&B’s books!

Well done, I will definitely recommend your companies to anyone I speak to. Please keep up the great works and my sincerest thanks for all that you did for us.

Thank you
Ray and Hazel Murray


Emerging Market Division
Office: +27 (0)11 625 2574



From: Tremaine Joseph []
Sent: 15 February 2008 10:27 AM
To: Danny Amaral;
Cc: Ishara Maharaj; Ronette Pillay

Subject: Feedback

Good day A & B Movers,
Please see below feedback from one of our clients:


Dear Tremaine

Many thanks for your email.
A&B Movers were terrific. Punctual, friendly and efficient.
I will most certainly use them again without any hesitation.

I also take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and professionalism.

Best regards
Cesaltina da Cunha


Thank you for the assistance and a well done to your team.
We look forward to many more of these.

Tremaine Joseph
Tel: 0114497111
Fax: 0865111161
Managed Removals Team




From:Sybrand Strachan []
Sent: 25 April 2008 03:03 PM
To: Danny Amaral

Subject: RE: Fax Message Received: 0119783018 []

Hi Danny:

In today’s hectic and thankless world, we all to often complain about the simplest little issues and never really
take time to thanks those who provide us with a good service.

Well, I have only the best to say about your company. Not only did you provide me with an accurate, prompt
and acceptable quote, you always responded to my mails and returned my calls. The truck picked up my
furniture at the time specified and delivered to the destination on time and without any damage. Even when
the staff had to carry the furniture up a level, and were not allowed to park inside the complex, the task was
performed without ant complaints or concerns.

I am only to willing to provide testimonies to any prospective clients, and will most certainly recommend your
services. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to deal with A&B Movers!

Sybrand Strachan


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